New Mouse Media Launches Newest Life Coach Website Design with SEO

The Ladies CoachWe happily just launched our newest life coach website design for Christal Fuents of Chritsal is a professional life coach focused on helping women & young women live life to their fullest potential.

While considering Christal’s life coach WordPress website development we took a look at other successful life coaches and their website design. There’s a common change happening  in life coach website design and web design & development in general. And that change is to bold, graphical image based home pages that are easily digestible to anyone who may land there.

People on the web these days typically don’t have time to sort through content & text laden home pages. As the saying goes, “a picture tells a thousand words” and that’s what you are wanting to do on your home page for your life coach website design.

Here’s Christal’s Life Coach Website Design

The Ladies Coach an Example of a Life Coach Website Design

The Ladies Coach an Example of a Life Coach Website Design

Another issue that came up with Christal’s website was the competitiveness of life coaches online. As part of our life coach website design packages, we include keyword research and SEO (search engine optimization). Because of the volume of life coaches online, we had to come up with another way to get people into her website via organic Google searches. This competitiveness required another approach to her online success.

Get to Know Me Better Before You Call!

Here’s the solution:

Life Coach Website Design s Need Search Engine Optimization to Get Found!

We did keyword research and found high volume – low competition keyword phrases that are relevant to the types of problems she is coaching her clients through. For example, she helps people with time & stress management as well as being a work life balance coach.

She also likes to help empower young women. So instead of trying to optimize her website for “Life coach” we’re more focused on phrases that address the problems that she solves and the issues she helps with.

So if a life coach website design is in your future for your life coaching business, you really need to speak to someone about SEO (or search engine optimization) for your life coach web design as it is essential for someone in your profession. Online competition is high and you’ll have a hard time getting found on Google with a search term like “life coach”.

So if you are in the shopping for a WordPress development company for:

  • Life Coach Website Design
  • a Custom Life Coach WordPress Theme or even
  • an writer or author WordPress Theme (as the web design could be similar)

You have stumbled upon the perfect place!

If you don’t understand the importance of SEO aka Search Engine Optimization on your life coach website design please speak to someone who does! (I am happy to consult with you in this regard as we are VERY good at SEO and understand the issue with SEO for life coaches)

Check out our Portfolio of Website Designs Here.

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