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Pro Web Design + SEO + an Ongoing Marketing Strategy =

"The Foundational Basics for Your Online Success!"

SEO website design with WordPress is what we consider the “pouring of the foundation”. It is the essential basis of your long term marketing strategy.

At New Mouse Media we understand the importance of a strong  foundation. It is a foundation that you can now build a marketing strategy upon that can deliver what you need for online success in today’s internet world.

As you may very well know, a beautiful, professionally designed, mobile-responsive website is not enough in today’s online world. If the website is not (what we call) SEO loaded or search engine optimized, then your chances of getting page #1 Google Rankings is unlikely. It is even more unlikely  if you are in a highly competitive field (according to the search engine research we do for you…).

Though we are capable of providing many internet marketing services for our clients, we have fine tuned our offerings.  We start you off with what we call “Strong Foundational Basics”, the essentials of any internet marketing strategy and online presence.

Here's the Scoop!

on our digital marketing services

A Custom WordPress Website Design + SEO

  • Professionally designed WordPress theme
  • SEO website design
  • Captivating (& appropriate) imagery
  • Clear & easy to navigate
  • Clear “Take Action” Directives for your website visitors
  • Your input all along the way

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SEO = Search Engine Optimization

  • Carefully researched keywords
  • Carefully considered use of the keywords
  • SEO copywriting
  • *Meta Data SEO copywriting by professional marketing copywriters.
  • SEO page optimization…each page gets all of the necessary SEO work that needs to get done for you to get found

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*Meta Data is what the search engines (or Google) delivers on a search. We make sure we tell Google what to deliver to their searches in our own specific marketing language.


E-Mail Marketing Set-Up

Most of our clients do not have an email marketing service or strategy in place.

We help set you up with “The Foundational Basics” of this.

Then you are ready to handle potential clients that opt-in to any website offering that you may have.

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“Lead generation and email list building  from traffic to your website should be one of your top priorities if you are serious about growing your business online!”


Inbound Marketing – Lead Generation & List Building Services

The internet is dynamic, not static!

Do you have an ongoing digital marketing strategy?

In today’s online world, it’s becoming more essential to develop a highly targeted online marketing strategy that works for you. It is not a one size fits all solution and you cannot depend on organic search results alone!

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