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We do extensive SEO keywrod research for you

If you are looking for SEO web search engine marketing services you have stumbled upon the perfect place.

Here’s what our web search engine marketing includes:

Keyword research:

  • We use special tools to uncover the most effective keywords that will bring more traffic to your door.
  • We’re looking for highly relevant, high search, low competition, financially viable keywords.


  • We advise you as to what content should be written to take advantage of specific keywords.
  • You write the content (or you can hire us to do this).
  • We copy edit your content and make sure the primary & secondary keywords are appropriately “peppered” throughout your page.

SEO Web search engine marketingSEO page optimization:

  • We use a special tool to make sure all of the necessary elements of a perfectly optimized page is included.

Meta Titles & Descriptions:

  • This is what Google & the search engines read & deliver to their searchers.
  • We write these in professional, SEO, “Take Action” marketing language

Landing Pages:

  • These are keyword specific pages.
  • They are “Entryways” to your website.
  • Many times these “Landing Pages” are visible only to the search engines and are not a part of your main navigation.
  • Many times we like to suggest creating keyword specific blog posts as well

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Liz Gracia Founder & CEO of New Mouse MediaNew Mouse Media is a Digital Marketing Agency with SEO web search engine marketing expertise.  We specialize in the “Foundational Basics for Your Online Success”. The “Basics” include WordPress web design with SEO aka Search Engine Optimization plus Web 2.0 services. Web 2.0 services essentially covers the foundational basics for your online marketing strategy. This includes email marketing set-up, Facebook timeline design and set-up, and connecting your website, blogging and email marketing/lead capture capabilities to all of your social media accounts.

We are a Colorado WordPress Website Development Company with SEO internet marketing & Facebook social media marketing expertise. Our SEO web design packages make it easy to maintain control of of your website design & development budget. We are happy to work within your internet marketing budget. Check out our WordPress web design portfolio.

We are based in Basalt, Colorado happily serving the surrounding communities of Aspen, Vail, Boulder & Denver, Colorado, though many of our clients are nationwide!

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