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    WordPress Website Design + SEO

    Professionally designed so you look great. SEO loaded so you get found. Easy to use & manage your own site.

WordPress SEO Website Design + an Ongoing Marketing Strategy =

"The Foundational Basics for Your Online Success!"

At New Mouse Media we understand the importance of a strong  foundation, and that begins with a professionally designed website, so your business and brand are well represented. It is a foundation upon which you can now build a marketing strategy  that can deliver what you need for online success in today’s internet world.

As you may very well know, a beautiful, professionally designed website is not enough. If the website is not (what we call) SEO loaded or search engine optimized, then your chances of getting page 1 Google Rankings is unlikely. It is even more unlikely  if you are in a highly competitive field (according to the search engine research we do for you…).

Though we are capable of providing many internet marketing services for our clients, we have fine tuned our offerings.  We start you off with what we call “Strong Foundational Basics”, the essentials of any internet marketing strategy and online presence…..”great design so you look great and solid SEO so you get found!”

Here’s What Those “Foundational Basics” Look Like:

WordPress Website Design

with Expert SEO

A key part (of course) to your website is professional design that provides clear messaging and consistent branding across all of your online properties. Let us help you design the perfect website that genuinely reflects your business.

A Good WordPress Website Design is:

  • Professionally designed custom WordPress theme specific to your business.
  • Uses captivating (& appropriate) imagery & graphics to best represent your brand.
  • Mobile responsive so that it’s easily viewed on all mobile devices.
  • Clear & easy to navigate.
  • Provides clear offers & “Take Action” Directives for your website visitors.
  • Easy to use and manage so you can handle all website changes in house.
  • Blogging ready.
  • E-commerce capable (for an up-charge)
  • Almost limitless with add-on functionalities with premium WordPress plugins (for an up-charge).

Keyword Research & Market Analysis

A Vital Part of Any Website or Online Marketing Effort

We Don’t Do Any Website Without Keyword Research 1st!

Before we begin any new web design project, we do the keyword research first! You must understand what keyword phrases people are using to find a website like yours. We recommend no content get written without knowing the keywords phrases that matter for you.

Here’s what we do:

  • Carefully research keywords and, more importantly, keyword phrases.
  • Analyze & carefully consider use of the keywords based on search volume, competitiveness, and financial viability.
  • Create a keyword research report for your review, files and long term reference-ability.
  • Provide consulting as to what the report is revealing and advising on content and how it should be written to take advantage of “Key” keywords that can get you found more easily.
  • Highlight any product/service and business development opportunities that may reveal themselves in the keyword research.

SEO Page Optimization

SEO= Search Engine Optimization

In order to consistently get found on search engines, it’s essential to have an SEO strategy in place. Part of that strategy is to employ  SEO “best practices” in regards to optimizing certain pages on your website.  Those pages are specifically created for keyword phrases that matter to your lead generation capability and getting found organically by search engines.

SEO starts with the keyword research (above).

Here’s what we do next:

  • Provide guidance on how to write SEO specific content for a page on your website. (Or you can hire us to write it for you.)
  • Optimize all of you pages…each page gets all of the necessary SEO “foundational” work that needs to get done for you to get found. (assuming you hire us for this extent of work)
  • Include some SEO copy writing -we do some quality SEO copy writing for each page of your site so we are covering our SEO bases and getting you found on a local basis.
  • Create professional SEO marketing copy, based on the important keyword phrases for the particular page, and fill in all of the Meta Information (Titles, Descriptions, Tags….the key elements that search engines deliver in search results. This comes standard with every website we build).

Need some encouragement? See what our clients have to say!

Client Testimonials

Luann Robinson Hull

Luann Robinson Hull

Author-Speaker, MSW, LSCSW, D.Min / LuannRobinsonHull.com

I recently attended Liz Gracia's presentation on "7 Surefire Strategies to Ignite Your Online Success" and found her delivery impressively thorough, concise, and understandable, even to someone like me, an author, speaker, and consultant in the philosophical and spiritual arena without much of a flair for online advertising. Liz was able to address my most pressing marketing questions and brought greater clarity to me than I have had before around the topic of online marketing (and I have in been in business nearly 25 years). After her lecture, I arranged for a follow up meeting, which has resulted in our developing a working relationship. I am very excited about the possibilities that Liz's expertise will bring to my business!

Marina Baroni

Marina Baroni

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner & Vedic Astrologist / ViaVedica.com

Working with Liz has been a true pleasure! Her creativity and enthusiasm together with her marketing skills are a winning combination. I never thought I would be able to manage my own website and blog…she made it possible! Thank you Liz, you are a true gem in the cyber world. I highly recommend New Mouse Media’s services.”

Patrick Curry

Patrick Curry

President / Footsteps Marketing

We chose New Mouse Media to roll out our web site and Internet marketing program because they offer a rare blend of technical skills and creative visual and marketing talent. Liz Gracia understands the underlying technology, has a wonderful creative eye and due to her marketing savvy, knows just how to help my customers finds us, connect with us and do business with us via the Internet. It is rare to find all of these within one company. For affordable, small-business web sites and marketing, I strongly recommend you consider Liz and her team at New Mouse Media as your partner.

Judy Kohl

Judy Kohl

Custom Slide Show Producer / Smiling Star Productions

Liz Gracia is profoundly creative and knows her business!Smiling Star productions She was able to take a few of my ideas and launch them in the most creative way. She helped me develop the ideal website for my new business venture. It was as though she was a mind reader. She is an artistic listener and generous in sharing information and ideas. Liz has done so much for me when it comes to getting my work out there and seen. She has an amazing gift and talent in creative design. She always has innovative ideas and is ever eager to share them. She took my ideas and with her creative talents she was able to take them to new places and make me shine. Her skills are extraordinary and she will give you 100% and more. I feel very fortunate that I know her. She helped make my dreams a reality. I can’t ever thank her enough. I am extremely grateful to work with Liz and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Ilene Morrison

Ilene Morrison

Massage Therapist/Theta Healer / IleneMorrison.com

I just wanted to give thanks to you and your amazing gifts! Liz is amazing! People from all over can find me on my website .. and they do find me! I have clients call me every week who find me on the web and for every service I provide! From raindrop therapy to detox foot bath and people even find me long distance for theta healing (across the country!) for phone sessions! She has skills in helping people find you! So if you want to be found for your skills hire Lizzy for her skills! I call her my web Goddess! My website payed itself off very quickly! I am still amazed when I Google what I do and my name comes up first! ahhh I love it! Thank you Lizzy! Much love and joy… Ilene

Rachel Dayton

Rachel Dayton

Nikken Business Builder / www.WOWWomenEmpoweringWomen.com

I was looking for someone who could build an intuitive, visually appealing site and specialize in SEO, but more, help me to capture my vision for what I call WOW…Women Empowering Women and bring it to life. WOW – has Liz done just that! …You know it’s working when everyone who visits it, emails me to comment on how perfectly it has captured who I am and what I’m attracting to grow my business."

Diana McNab

Diana McNab

Peak Performance Enhancement Specialist USA Special Olympics / www.EpicSportsExperience.com

I have never felt so proud or good about my business image!!! EVER!!! I love my banner, website, business cards, Power Point presentation, handouts, DVD’s….I love you! You are truly gifted at what you do. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

Amy Haller

Amy Haller

Peak Performance Enhancement Specialist / www.InnerChampionCoaching.com

I had a very positive experience working with New Mouse Media. Liz was highly recommended by a colleague of mine, and she exceeded every expectation I had. She was extremely knowledgeable about the content, design, and offered great suggestions along the way. My entire website was completed within 3 weeks including, the design and logo, business cards, flyers, and purchased photos for the site. The experience of working with Liz was lots of fun, and she produced a very professional website that reflects exactly what I do. Thumbs up all the way!