The Importance of Email Marketing and List Building Strategies to Help, Blueprint for Your Online Success Part V

Part IV in our series of the “Blueprint for Your Online Success” is in regards to the importance of email marketing, email list building,  and having a place on your website to do it. (please see video below)

(Please note this video was originally created for current website development clients…but is certainly relevant to your online marketing efforts)

Importance of Email Marketing “Best Practices”

First of all it is important for you to know that there is a “Best Practices” for handling your client list and building that data base further. And that is with the use of an online email list building service provider like: or

There are of course many more list building service providers out there, but I like both of these and am leaning towards MailChimp with all of my new clients because of its auto-responder functionality and ease of use. I help clients that want to build their list via their website and Facebook with setting up this for them.

Here’s two important things to add to your list building strategies (and business building) efforts:

  1. First, I havediscoverd  that in order for someone to consider signing up to your email list, you need to make them a FREE offer of value. A common, yet effective way of doing this is with a FREE E-Book. And I recommend an E-Book around addressing what you may consider your Top 10 FAQ’s or the Top 10 “should ask questions” from any potential client. Other freebies to consider are “Enter to Wins”, FREE phone consultations, etc…
  2. WordPress Email List Building Subscriber PluginSecondly, in my bag of List Building Tips, I recommend considering the WP Subscriber list building plugin. (This is for WordPress websites only!) It is a premium WordPress plugin that consistently increases your number of subscribers with how it presents your FREE offer. Visit our website for an example of this plugin in action: look at the pop up window that presents itself. This is one example of what this WordPress email list building plugin does for you. My subscriber rate has gone up dramatically (over 300%) since implementing this new feature!

Finally, I highly recommend setting up a series of auto-responders (also know as pre-made emails) so that subscribers to your Freebie, automatically get a response from you and ideally 6 more (7 in all) email communications from you. (See more bout this in the video above.)

Have more questions about email list building or need more help? Please give us a call at 970.927.0345 and we can discuss your needs and interests.

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Liz Gracia Founder & CEO of New Mouse Media

Liz Gracia
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